One Love/Life Aint Easy By Lil Jay The Thuggin Gee

Have you ever been in love? I mean the kind of love that makes your heart beat harder the minute she walks in the room. Life Aint Easy. Have you loved someone as much as you love yourself?

Love is patient, kind, enduring and special. When you find someone you really love and want to spend the rest of your life loving you have found someone unique. This kind of love does not come everyday into our lives and may only come around once in a lifetime.

I would love to say that love is easy but One Love/Life Aint Easy. It is hard work, constant consideration and continued mental focus. Not everyone can handle being in love and being loved by someone else. Loving someone else is hard, difficult and challenging. Why would I say that? Consider the following;

1) To love someone, you have to put their needs above your own - this self sacrificing attitude is essential to being in love. All of us have needs but we don't have a lot of people in our lives who are concerned about those needs. When someone loves you and shows that by putting you first, it makes you feel very, very loved.

2) To love someone, you have to consider them special - is Life aint easy this person the one you feel different about? Are they the one who you feel something endearing in your heart? It goes a long way when you know that you are the center of attention. And you will occupy a place in their heart that you know belongs only to you.

3) To love someone, you need to focus on making them happy- give those you love what they want. Go out of your way to please them. Don't give them what you think they want; give them what you know they want. And in order to do that, you must ask and listen.

4) Always be grateful for One Love Aint Easy- It is both a blessing and a honor to have people in your life to love. When you get to share those minutes with someone you care about you feel a sense of belonging that you can't get anywhere else.

Love is so special. It is great when two people get to share it with each other whether it is a brother to sister, parent to child, husband to wife or friend to friend. Make it a point to share your love with someone today.

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