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Music became any passion with regard to KP at the tender ages of six in his residence church inside Spring Valley NY, any little town about the outskirts of new York City. While the child encompassed by musicians whose skill level surpassed his, younger KP would throw tantrums towards the particular older musicians about not really getting allowed to play inside the drums with regard to services thanks to his ability to maintain the beat. (LOL)

His father, noticing the romance pertaining to music, enlisted him in many university bands as a trumpet player via 4th through the 8th grade. Via then on, KP forced himself to end up being able to not merely progress in his craft as becoming a classical musician, but inside addition in order to pick up instrumental production in Substantial School, KP used the actual Triton workstation as his 1st bit of hardware and also since spent a while working about music production by getting an extensive quantity associated with audio equipment. Inspired simply by his older brother who has been simply furthermore the producer, creating soon became the drug from Secondary School to college and also onward. Whilst interning from MBK entertainment/Oz Studios right after college, KP ended up being taken under the wing of Swagg R'celious and has contributed/produced records with regard to main label/independent Cheap instrumentals artists such as Justine Skye (Rocnation), Selah the actual Corner (God over money), Je'kob and also more.. Though he's still building his resume and can the particular manual perform of networking & meeting new talent, KP also has a passion with regard to bringing his solutions to the web regarding artists that is possibly not seeking to get a "mustard beat". (No shade! A Few Mustard beats tend to be dope! lol)

With in which said, KP would adore to assist anyone on your next project, whether or not it be a new mixtape, album, soundtrack, video game music, scores for a film or other things where instrumentals may be utilized. However, it won't stop there. The Actual objective for is to not just offer quality production but to spread out you all for you to his journey, and to suit your needs fellow creatives being inspired and also to remain encouraged within your personal imaginative development.

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