Super Bowl 50 NFL phone Case has been founded within 2013, and is actually also truly any collective collaboration involving artists, pc nerds, retail store workers, and also musicians. When I say virtually any collective collaboration, what I suggest is, it’s me, my girlfriend, in inclusion to our pals operating ecommerce together. My identify can be truly Michael Diodata, experience liberated in order to google me along with make sure I'm inside fact a new real person, I guarantee the individual I'm real, but don’t be described as a creep and also stalk me also much. My girlfriend Natasha will probably be co-owner, and ultizing established period associated with time inside our technically advanced friend, and our artistic enterprise partners, we've this thrilling possibility for you to bring with regard to that a person simply wonderful website filled on top of plenty regarding distinctive as well as well-liked designs regarding telephone cases along with regard to just about any or perhaps all related with the most favored cellular phones marketed today. We possess got offered 1000's upon 1000s of telephone cases upon Etsy , eBay, and also Amazon, plus addition possess perfected our craft in add-on to ventured out to be able to end up being in a situation to develop a website we personal that was devoted for you to providing what our consumers tend to become searching for. We're regular every day folks just for example you, attempting for you to give the bills also as do some thing we adore to complete every in inclusion to each day. Throughout your own event in which you'll choose to realize a small much more about our site as well as that people are, please experience liberated to study on!

How just about all Started

Have anyone heard your term, each and every moment a new door closes a new window opens? as Well While can it be each occasion a window closes a brand name new door opens? Nicely no issue the saying, that’s essentially how all concerning this came about. I ended up being obviously an everyday guy operating with a shop business for that will final ten years. My daily job ended up mostly inside technology, fixing computers, training folks concerning them, also as carrying out just about all things technical. This would turn in to a superb job, it paid out your own bills, together with it absolutely was comfortable. Since the majority of of us know, if we're comfortable, we seldom appear to change that. Merely when something arises in addition to knocks us off track, will we truly reevaluate our way of life also as our existence goals. Well, following ten many a extended time of operating the identical job, I have been release credited to reduce backs, in inclusion to within the six several weeks related together with certainly not operating along with scrambling in order to become able to check with regard into a approach for you to pay the bills, the near good friend associated with mine brought me straight in in order to the planet of graphical design. I in zero way ended up being incredibly artistic, as well as I may barely draw a brand name new stick figure, even so when shown Photoshop, I discovered that my background inside technologies gave me an edge in the large event it arrives to become in the place to creating designs, Super Bowl 50 NFL phone Case in addition to I correct away fell within enjoy with it. Through simply no Indicates acquiring in a new position to convey myself creatively, discovering this new outlet continues for you to be among these moments by which usually an individual quit within the middle of this which in turn in turn you are usually likely to find yourself becoming able to accomplish too as say to find yourself becoming in a situation to yourself, I want to accomplish this to get a new living. This certain buddy involving mine in which confirmed me this new passion, educated me regarding nearly all I necessary to know, as well as essentially gave me the primary element to be able to opening a manufacturer new door to be in a place to a brand name new life. After I understood how designing worked, I couldn’t stop, also as I essentially expended eight so as to become able to 12 hrs per day creating designs, watching YouTube videos about advanced techniques related with Photoshop, along with perfecting my craft. Which took in regards to a yr of practice, yet simply by then I had an arsenal related using designs, as well as I ended up being confident sufficient in order to enterprise out and begin my own, private thing. Cellular Phone Case I began with an Etsy too being an eBay, also as following of your yr or so, I made careful analysis commence out a brand name new website. I wanted my website becoming a manufacturer new 1 stop shop pertaining to each as well as each along with every too as every single style an individual tend to be inside a place to become able to at any time image wanting. Concentrating about pop culture, movies, tv shows, along with precisely what todays generation will be all about along with what I love. when I discovered that will I could potentially be my own, private boss and also carry out some factor I adore each and also every and each day, it was distinct in which this is any kind of passion I wished to stick with, also as with all the aid regarding my friends, here I'm today, with every single other together with launched in add-on to ready to offer your masses making use of tons associated with amazing in supplement to unique designs. The Actual concept was obviously a new difficult road to become able to travel, breaking not even close to what I was adopted too, along with risking everything to run my own, private business, nevertheless it brought me close to my friends, plus add-on for you to my girlfriend, as we collectively interact to end up being able to provide the complete planet along with designs we love to create.

How can it all Work?

Lots of people send us messages asking us the method you create our cases. That will be the relatively easy procedure known as Sublimation Printing. This kind of kind connected using printing yields your real very best quality phone case you can buy, along with which will we use higher finish equipment for you to produce particular the final outcome is likely to be the most stunning case Customized Telephone Case you'll at virtually any type of occasion see. It begins out using a type on Photoshop. This specific can be when we're in the position to location people’s images inside telephone cases, along with personalize any sort of design we sell. We print out the designs on a distinctive heat resistant paper that really functions with just about all the sublimation ink. This kind of certain provides pertaining in order to us the actual specific capability to create use of virtually any heat press along with eternally adhere the particular style on the metal substrate. We use metal merely because plastic could ship in supplement to peel, along with metal will hide scratches as well as scuffs, preserving your telephone case seeking new with regard to a new lengthy period for you to come. We perform using a military grade adhesive to stay the actual metal substrate in towards the case of your selection, therefore we ship it correct in order to you! similar To I said, it’s any straightforward process, nevertheless it takes patience, a steady hand, in addition a knowledge involving Photoshop and also technologies usually speaking to obtain every small thing pertaining to one to perform together. We usually obtain every one connected with the most favored telephone cases that will individuals are browsing for, therefore whenever you obtain which new phone, you will be able to demonstrate case your existing passion and style through an exceptional telephone case. Lots involving burnt fingers and also calluses later, we've achieved a great final result, as well as that is why we are here, to communicate regarding our proficiency and within addition obsession using you!

Artists Wanted is always about the hunt concerning inventive talent. We're available to creating partnerships together with designers who'd similar to to produce a few money, and we will continue to work together with anybody who does just like for you to offer their own artwork inside our website. We actually have multiple artists within your own business and also that we provide most of which with a chance to reveal their particular skill using the globe through putting their own certain artwork in regards in order to the most favored electronic employed today. There's certainly not 1 additional device we make use of a lot more then our cell phone, along with its one thing that is extra time involving ourselves. Pertaining To Always Be Able To artists on the particular market seeking to have acknowledged as well as noticed to your talents, we can existing an opportunity to set your own artwork around the phone case, together with give a specific section upon our site devoted so as to become able to exposing your own talents. An Individual do just tell us simply how much you need being capable of make, send us your personal art, so we do the rest. We will hyperlink your own site or maybe weblog to be able to provide deliver a individual new customers, and in addition it’s an excellent partnership pertaining in order to both folks to Customized Phone Case obtain noticed. We furthermore provide contracts thus you realize your present artwork will probably be protected. While you're interested, please e-mail me using

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